FRP Rebar

Our FRP Rebar offer reliable & cost effective solutions in concrete reinforcement. FRP Rebars are corrosion resistant and finds extensive application in bridges, roadways, marine applications, tunneling, slope stability, floating barges, Pre-Fabricated structures and specialized concrete construction.


»Excellent Bond Strength, very light in weight, Twice in Tensile strength of Steel

»Electrical and Thermal Insulator (Non magnetic and Electrically nonconductive)

»Corrosion resistant, Zero Maintenance, Non – Magnetic, Non- Conductive

»Immune to a wide range of acids, salts and other chemicals that attack steel

»Cost effective alternative to stainless steel and Total construction cost savings will be 300%

»Environmental Friendly,

»More than 100 Years of Sustainability

»Consistent modulus of elasticity

Design Codes/Standards

»CSA S6-06

»CSA S806

»ISIS Canada Design Manuals

»ACI 440. 1R

»CSA S807 FRP Specifications


»Metro Tunnels, Roads, Concrete Slabs, Insulated Walls

»Concrete flooring

»Bridge Decks and Barrier Walls

»Reinforcing floors in garages and industrial halls

»Prefabricated concrete structures

» Jetties, Floating Barges, Marine Structures and many more

» Slope Stability for Dams, Erosion Control on Sea Coast